GDAL /vsicurl/ - access data from internet
Written by hk   
Tuesday, 15 July 2014
Open source GDAL has quite a lot nice utilities and features. GIS data on http/ftp-servers can be accessed by /vsicurl/.
Given some data on a http-server, e.g. the nice EU-DEM, the Digital Elevation Model over Europe from the GMES RDA project.
Following datasets are available:
  • EU-DEM in ETRS89 geographic (EPSG code 4258)
  • EU-DEM in ETRS89-LAEA (EPSG code 3035)
  • Colour shaded relief image over Europe in ETRS89-LAEA (EPSG code 3035)
Using /vsicurl/ on the dataset in the internet, you can do nice things like:
gdalinfo /vsicurl/
gdaltindex -tileindex pl -src_srs_name fsrs -src_srs_format EPSG //
eudem_index2.shp /vsicurl/
gdal_translate -of "GTiff" -projwin 4000000.000 2900000.000 4900000.000 2200000.000 //
/vsicurl/ EUD_CP-DEMS_4500025000-AAm.tif

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